3D Sex Simulator Review

the most addictive game online

3D Sex Simulator is a digital 3D sex game in which you experience sex with a cgi avatar, one of two different characters (Lisa or Scarlett) and customized through a number of different physical variables you can choose – including ass and breast size (you can also select your own dick size).

From one of the biggest providers of 3D sex games, the action is as top end as you could hope for, with stunningly smooth animations and ultra-realistic backgrounds. And the action is hardcore too, with the scenes very intense and usually dominant (with you in the role either of dominator, or dominated).

The backdrops and settings are truly lush and beautifully drawn, and range from the Gothic to the futuristic and truly alien.

Multi-player game mode promises to pit you with other real time live players – including in your local region.

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