PornFilms3D Review

Pornsites3D is the only (non VR) 3D porn site still releasing new movies.  Right from the start it was one of my favourite sites, with beautiful young East European teens really being fucked hard in 3D, often in their tight little asses.  The lucky guy who usually does the fucking looks a real perv too, a bit older than the teenies he is pounding, which of course makes it all the more horny. All their movies play in any 3D format, including 3D TV, anaglyph glasses, and Nvidia. And, of course, their side by side 3D TV format videos should be able to play no problem in 3D through any virtual reality headset too.

Can You Watch 3D Porn on VR Headsets?

With the decision to no longer produce and sell 3D TVs, there appears to be fewer options in choosing how to watch 3D porn.  But this isn’t true at all, as all  existing 3D porn movies can be viewed in 3D Stereo via any virtual reality headset, even simple headsets or ‘goggles’ such as Google Cardboard.  And, of course, all VR porn movies are in 3D stereo too (as well as with head tracking immersion), and there are already far more VR 3D porn sites online than there ever were at the height of the 3D porn craze that took place after the Avatar/3D TV hype.

The best 3D stereo porn site for archive content is Penthouse 3D, which has hundreds of high quality 3D movies you can view with anaglyph glasses, on 3D TVs, or through VR headsets.

The best 3D stereo porn site still active is PornFilms3D, which is still occasionally releasing new anaglyph and 3D TV movies, and also has a large archive of movies going back to 2009, although not as big as that of Penthouse.

The best 3D VR porn site is VirtualRealPorn.  This was the first virtual reality porn site and is still the best!  All of their movies are in stereo 3D.

Also, some VR sites will send you a simple free VR cardboard headset when you join up and become a member.  And example is BadoinkVR, one of the very best 3D VR porn sites.